Instead of focusing on the negative in life... which i so often do, My challenge for the rest of 2011 is to love/appreciate and note the little things that make me smile during the day.

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I intend to remember my entire life.
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The Princess Bride

Went to a fight cancer event tonight. Screening of the Princess bride. considering i had never seen it before… and my husband LOVES it. i figured that it would be a wonderful opportunity. My friend was putting it on as well so, i thought i would go and support. anyways it was good. and she put alot of work into it so im super happy that it all worked out. we bought like 3 silent aution items. spend 100 bucks. but totally scored!!! we got one item worth 175 bucks for 50. and it is like a paint splatter class for 10 people!! i dont even have that many friends… but im sure i could make a few… haha. it opens in the middle of july!! we also got a 25 dollar gift card to metrotown, and a week pass to bikrams yoga. and a water bottle for…. 25 dollars!!! haha. then we got 2 shirts from locamotive for 15 bucks!! ones a childs… i will have to find a small child. 

in 2 weeks. JURRASIC PARK!!!! cant wait!!! 

baked tons of stuff today! brownies, cookies, and made CLAM chowder for dinner!!! i made enough for like another 4 meals for both me and georgie!

Totally saw a girl wearing pink leopard pants and a brown GANDOLF hat!!!! walking down the sidewalk. THEN like 5 minutes after that saw another girl dressed in all pink, with some purple, ROLLERSKATING, and trying to give people highfives on the sidewalk! people were have NONE of it. we were driving, otherwise i would have totally highfived!! 

movie night fundraiser street deals

Fri, May 27th 2011