Instead of focusing on the negative in life... which i so often do, My challenge for the rest of 2011 is to love/appreciate and note the little things that make me smile during the day.

All posted photos are mine.
I intend to remember my entire life.
I heart. g. wine. photography. music. clothes. rainbows. kitty's. my family. heat. candy. cameras. popcorn. vintage. blankets. dumb and dumber. flowers. bcbg. horror flicks. travel. the moon. sleeping. freddy got fingered. rum. shoe boxes. shopping bags. peanut butter marshmellow squares. jewels. things that make me laugh. board games.

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Fri, June 3rd 2011

Gluten Free Heart Cookies i made today (h) i have only been baking/cooking since 10 am… and its… 4:49pm… 

love loving cookies heart hearts red pink bake bakin yummy treat gluten free gf celiac make made icing good oven

Fri, May 27th 2011